Weight loss diet permanently

Category Associate diets, this diet was conceived in 1998 by Spanish physician Andres Rodriguez Alarcon. In addition to the dissociation of food, it calms down and some calorie control (between 2,000 and 2,500). The scheme is somewhat unbalanced in the first phase, but it compensates in the second. The 5 basic elements:

eggs, ham / muscles, fish, olive oil, asparagus


a minimum of one month; the maximum as required

Chilos perdidos:

of 1 to 2 per week

(Against) indications:

is prohibited for more than 45 years

The structure of the diet

It has two phases. In the former they are banned from fat and carbohydrates (sweet) – they are gradually included in the second, with the exception of sugar. The allowed food can be consumed in the desired amount.

First phase

You can eat:

– the fruit – but with an hour before each meal – do not combine that is acidulated with sweet, cheese and dairy products: fresh cheese, cheese and skimmed yogurt
– eggs – two-three times per week (19459006) – fish and crustaceans / seafood excluding oysters and clams
– lean meat (chicken, rabbit), any low-fat ham
– whole grain, ‰ p.102 and without additives), rice, flour and whole wheat bread
vegetables: cabbage, zucchini, onion, leeks, garlic, cauliflower, spinach, cucumber, cucumber, green beans, salad, peppers celery, eggplant, radish, artichokes, pumpkin, endive, Brussels sprouts, asparagus, forage beet, broccoli; mushrooms
olive oil

Forbidden foods:
Fat meats, potatoes, unmentionables vegetables above, sugar, bananas, figs.

The second phase (for weight maintenance)

Prohibited food is progressively incorporated (except for sugar). Bread, flour and rice should be less refined.

It is an easy diet unbalanced by high protein intake. Undoubtedly, this is compensated in the second phase, when the diet is more varied.

Expert opinion:

Dr. George Sol, physician endocrinology, senior physician of internal medicine

"It's very healthy and can go without effort. It is necessary to be accompanied by a lot of water, to remove the toxins (uric acid and urea, resulting from excess protein) as well as the practice of physical exercise.
The purpose of this diet is that each person can remain flexible for the rest of his life, if applied intelligently; for example, if you eat meat, this must be accompanied by greens or salad and not fried. "

HEALTHY: 4 points
HEALTHY: 4 points
HEALTHY: 4 points
HEALTHY: 4 points
VARIETY: 5 points
DURATION: 3 points
FINAL EVALUATION: recommended .


The monotony of this diet stimulates the appetite by losing it so easily with weight. In addition, the regime can be satisfied without great difficulties, wherever you are.

Lets you eat without being hungry. It can extend in time, as desired, but always under medical control. With minor precautions, the weight lost is not recovered. Ensure an intake of good cellulose.

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