Slimming diet with 1000 calories

– Morning: a loaf with a slice of ham or chicken breast.
– 11:00: sea.
– Lunch: steamed vegetable salad (green beans, cauliflower, etc.). ) + a barbecue chicken breast or white fish.
– 16:00: a fruit.
– Night: a cup of vegetable soup or polenta with low-fat cottage cheese and yogurt. of you for a week.

Recipe with apples and carrots
Cure consists of apples and carrots. You can eat in any quantity and at any time. Do not give her a certain number of days, but as long as you keep (how many days, how many pounds down – 1 kg in two days). Apples and carrots contain fiber, which is why I am very satioase. Also, drink plenty of water and teas (no sugar) and make the most of movement.

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Lipotropic slimming diet – Maximum efficiency

The concept of diet belongs to the researchers of the universities of california. It is based on a combination of natural foods, high-efficiency burning of fat deposits.
What you can eat: fish, chicken, crab, liver, kidneys, fresh fruits and vegetables. Daily, it is recommended a half cup cottage cheese mixed with rice (cooked for about 20 min.) And vegetable oil. And soy is welcome in this combination. The meat of poultry, fish or organs have to be seasoned with more lemon juice. Highly recommend as many citrus fruits. The diet can be maintained until the desired weight is reached.

Efficiency: – in the first week, they lose about 750 g; – in the second week the loss to reach 1,250 kg; – in the third week – 2 kg; in the fourth week – 3 kg; in the fifth week – 4 kg; in the sixth week – of 5 kg.

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