Slimming diet with 1000 calories

– Morning: a loaf with a slice of ham or chicken breast.
– 11:00: sea.
– Lunch: steamed vegetable salad (green beans, cauliflower, etc.). ) + a barbecue chicken breast or white fish.
– 16:00: a fruit.
– Night: a cup of vegetable soup or polenta with low-fat cottage cheese and yogurt. of you for a week.

Recipe with apples and carrots
Cure consists of apples and carrots. You can eat in any quantity and at any time. Do not give her a certain number of days, but as long as you keep (how many days, how many pounds down – 1 kg in two days). Apples and carrots contain fiber, which is why I am very satioase. Also, drink plenty of water and teas (no sugar) and make the most of movement.

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