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What is Super Turbo Max?

What is Super Turbo Max?

Another new food supplement has entered the Brazilian market in recent months: Super Turbo Max . And again uncertainty arises: Is the supplement really good or is it simply a supplement with much more propaganda than results?

In forums, some users have doubts about the supplement, others say if it is another one, and finally others say they have used and have had some satisfactory results, but nothing quite extraordinary. Already the media promise that the supplement will turn it into Arnold Schwarzenegger himself, and on the official website, there are those dubious testimonials, from people who do not seem to exist.

The product as well as on this site appeared in reports from certain TV stations, in health and fitness programs, however, the subjects were always focused on launching the supplement in the Brazilian market, and with little information about their real results.

According to the official website, the supplement has scientific proof in:

  • Developmental aid of muscle mass.
  • Increase and improvement of resistance.
  • Increased resistance and energy.

Super Turbo Max even works?

There is no other way of answering this question, but by viewing the components of the item impartially, comparing it with other renowned products on the market and analyzing its origin.

Super Turbo Max: Composition (Bull)


Leucine is an amino acid that has an interesting role in the process of progression and regeneration of muscle mass, mainly in the healing of wounds, preventing the breakdown of muscle proteins that can process after injury.


It is one of the amino acids that exert a portion of the BCAA (branched chain amino acids) group, which is very relevant for protein composition and energy production, and also to minimize the tendency to develop cardiovascular diseases and / or type 2 diabetes.


It is an amino acid of the same family of leucine and isoleucine, which together make up 35 percent of the amino acids present in body proteins.

Valine can not be produced by the human body, and for this purpose it must be ingested through food or supplements. It is consumed very regularly by bodybuilders, along with leucine and isoleucine, with the main function of stimulating muscle progress, in addition to saying beneficial effects in the conflict to insomnia and nervousness, regulate the immune system and metabolism, suppress the tendency of diseases in the liver and gallbladder and to preserve adequate levels of nitrogen in the body

Vitamin B6 Complex B

Vitamin B6 – as it is called pyridoxine – is one of the 8 vitamins in Complex B, which contributes mainly to the metabolization of fats and proteins, and by the production of energy.

Super Turbo Max : Conclusion

The product undoubtedly has an excellent composition, and essentially it is a somewhat improved BCAA. The BCAA's help mainly in the loss of calories by the body, being essential for

body toning and body definition this being mainly leucine and isoleucine. If you immediately have your BCAA preferably, and eventually want to test another, the Super Turbo Max may be an interesting request.

Learn more about BCAA's and their effects by visiting the following hyperlink: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amino%C3%A1cido_ramificado

People who said they had greater results with the product (not the theoretically false statements on the official website of the supplement), at all times mentioned that the effects did not occur in a short time, but that they did have a substantial increase in lean muscle mass, but not in the time that the item promises (about 3 weeks).

Despite its composition, it is not possible to notice with certainty if the supplement will work significantly for all, with the intention of the most perfect being perceivable, mainly by the different types of metabolisms of each body. This indication applies not only to Super Turbo Max, but also to any other dietary supplement.

In the following video, view the testimonial of one of the Super Turbo Max buyers.